Tips to Help You Enjoy Your Space After an Attic Cleanout

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At CamoVets Junk Removal, we’ve helped many homeowners enjoy new spaces with services like an attic cleanout. Once the space is cleared, you can get creative with how you use it. However, it’s a good idea to put safety first and ensure the space is ready for use.

Tips to Help You Enjoy Your Space After an Attic Cleanout

When using your space after an attic cleanout, here are some important tips to keep in mind:

  • Look for Possible Hazards: Now that the attic cleanout is complete, inspect the space for things like mold, pests, exposed wires, or damage to the structure. Whether you plan to use the space full-time or not, it’s good to know its condition.
  • Pay Attention to Ventilation: During the warmer months, attics can get stuffy. To keep heat from building up and improve air flow, make sure there is enough ventilation by installing vents or fans. Good airflow can also help keep moisture from building up, which lowers the chance of mold growth.
  • Focus on Lighting: Attics are often darker spaces, but with the right lighting, you can use the room as you would any other space in the home. When exploring what lights to use, consider LED lights because they use less energy and last longer.
  • Watch Your Headroom: Most attics have low ceilings and roofs that slope down, which can cause head injuries, especially in small rooms. Pay attention to the space above your head and add padding or cushions to places where you might hit your head.
  • Install Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors: To be extra safe, put smoke and carbon monoxide detectors in the attic, especially if it’s being used as a living area or has heating equipment in it.

Use the tips above to fully enjoy your space after an attic cleanout.